28 Foot Force

I bought this boat after if flipped on Kauai.  It beat on the rocks for half a day and eventually ended up upside down on a beach where they were able to flip it over with a front-end loader and drag the hull back onto the trailer.  The twin Volvo penta engines/outdrives fell out as it beat on the rocks, ripping most of the transom out.  This the story of me trying to fix it.  I am hoping to get some good advice and pointers out of this blog because I will definitely need some help and advice with this one.

A damaged hawaiian boat.  This is the 28 foot force after it flipped over and was badly damaged on Kauai.


Here you can see an empty engine bay from where the outdrive Volvo penta diesels ripped out of the capsized boat as it beat on the rocks.